What Are The Types of Rubber Stamps and How to Choose Them?

We often get confused with what is pre-inked stamps,  what is self-inking stamps or we think that they are generally the same. In fact, they are not the same!
In general, there are 3 types of rubber stamps:
  1. Traditional rubber stamps
  2. Pre-inked stamps
  3. Self Inking stamps
Each type of stamps has its own features to fit your usage whether at home, for your business branding, arts and crafts or in the office.

Traditional Rubber Stamps

Traditional rubber stamps require a stamp pad to produce impressions. This is the authentic and most economical way of using a rubber stamp. Stamp on stamp pad > stamp on documents. Using this type of stamp takes up space on your table and may cause a mess as the stamp is not covered after usage.
This type of stamp is getting its attention again as we can use the stamps in a flexible manner such as in arts and crafts where we can use different ink colour to stamp on surfaces. We offer two different types of traditional rubber stamps which are red rubber and liquid polymer.

Pre-Inked Stamps

Pre-Inked Stamps produce crisp and clear impressions at every stamp. However, a drawback to pre-inked stamp will be that it requires pauses between stamping. Pre-inked stamp does not require an ink pad as gel ink is molded into an impression. We offer 2 types of Pre-Inked stamps. Our original A E Gel Stamp uses Gel System to produce crystal clear imprints that can even dry almost instantly on glossy paper. A E Gel Stamp is best used when you need to create a rubber stamp for branding purposes as it produces the best impressions!
Another type of pre-inked stamp that we provide is A E Flash Stamp. A E Flash Stamp utilises UV 'Flash' to embed your image onto the die plate. Using double foam technology, it can hold enough ink for thousands of imprint.

Self Inking Stamps

Self-Inking stamps have replaceable ink pads built onto the stamp. This stamp allows rapid stamping as the stamp will automatically re-ink itself after each impression. The only downside to this product will be its impression clarity in comparison to Pre-Inked stamp. However, with our highly durable red rubber (learn more on our types of rubber in this post), our self-inking stamps are able to produce high-quality impressions as well! 
However, do take note that pre-inked stamps are generally oil-based which makes them waterproof in comparison to self-inking stamps which can be washed off easily with water.
So now you understand the type of stamps that are available to you! Do contact us if you are still unsure of which stamp is more suitable for your usage. We will be happy to guide you in choosing the best stamps for your usage purpose!
PS: Explore the stamps by clicking the pictures above.


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