A Battle Between Text Plates: Difference Between Red Rubber Text Plate and Liquid Polymer Text Plate

One of our most frequently asked questions is, "What is the difference between your Red Rubber Stamp and Liquid Polymer Rubber Stamp?". 

It's time for us to discuss the difference between our Red Rubber text plate and Liquid Polymer text plate in this blog post!

Our Red Rubber text plate is made of natural red rubber which has undergone vulcanisation to produce high-quality impressions. On the other hand, photopolymer (or as we call it, liquid polymer) text plate uses a UV light to expose a printed negative onto a layer of liquid polymer to form the custom imprints onto the liquid polymer.

Impression Quality 

Red rubber text plate produces clearer impressions in comparison to liquid polymer text plate which creates softer impressions.


Liquid polymer is made from a type of resin. It can be easily damaged in high temperatures, whilst red rubber is able to withstand high temperatures and it does not become brittle as compared to liquid polymer.

Compatibility with Fast Dry Ink (Noris Speciality Ink) 

NORIS Speciality Ink features various type of fast drying ink that can be stamped on metal, ceramic, rubber, glass, and more. When used with liquid polymer text plate, it may melt the textplate to the point of it being unusable. As for red rubber text plate, it has the capability to withstand NORIS Speciality Ink as the  ink does not have any effect on the natural rubber.

In essence, There are considerably more advantages in choosing a red rubber text plate instead of a liquid polymer text plate. Here's what we'll recommend, if you are purchasing stamps to be used for a long time, we highly recommend using a red rubber text plate! But if you are looking to use this rubber stamp for an event or something short, you can consider liquid polymer text plate.  

If you have used any of these rubber stamps before, do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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