4 Items That Our Children Mix Up or Lose at School

Mismatched socks and the wrong pair of shoes are just one of the few hiccups our children often bring back from school. Though it might be frustrating at first, once we reflect and look back at our own school days, we’re guilty of doing the same; even. Wearing the wrong pair of shoe home which makes our parents fume.
Although we’ve grown up and learnt from our mistakes, our kids are young and not exempted from them. Let's explore the 4 main items that they tend to mix-up at school. 
Item 1: Socks
During activities that require them to be on the field, like football or other sports, they might take off their shoes and socks to play barefooted as they do not want to dirty or spoil their shoes. Once they’re done, most probably won’t waste time looking for their shoes as they’re rushing for their next class and instead, they’ll grab any pair that may be similar to them. Only when they reach home will they realise that they have worn the wrong pair of socks.
Item 2: Shoes
It is mandatory for school-going children in government schools to wear standardised shoes as they are part of their uniform and dress code.  In certain locations within the school like the library and music room, shoes are required to be taken off and that might result in the mix up of shoes. As these shoes are similar in design and colour, they might not notice that their  shoes are a size bigger or smaller until they have worn them for a little while.
Item 3: Bags
School bags are one of our children's essentials as it carries their belongings. Certain kindergartens provide their own brand of bags, but this might result in children getting confused and taking the wrong bag home, only to realize that it’s not theirs. 
Item 4: Uniforms/Sports Attire
Same-aged children are usually around the same size (though the clothing size may vary). When they change clothes for sports or other activities, there is a chance our children might accidentally wear their classmates’  clothing instead..
These mix-ups or missing items are guaranteed to give us parents a headache, as we will need to get either a replacement or trouble other parents to find those mismatched shoes. To prevent this from happening, parents can opt for the Textile Stamp that you can stamp on shirts, shoes, bags, uniforms, and even hairbands to mark your child’s belongings. Wrong shoes no more, just ask your child to check the shoe for their personalized imprint!
Bonus: Our textile stamp also allows parents to stamp on workbooks! Now you do not need to write your child’s name on their workbooks and textbooks - just stamp their name on it!
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