5 Reasons Why You Need to Use COLOP Textile Stamp for Your Child

One of our fears as parents is when our child comes home from school, telling us that they have lost their shirt (again!). Now, we all understand that the price of a uniform or a school PJK shirt (school sports attire) is not cheap! Let's place this into perspective:
The price of a school shirt ranges from RM30-RM45. When a shirt is lost, we will need to take approximately RM45 out of our pocket to replace the missing shirt. Imagine if the shirt is lost twice in a year! That is RM90 on replacement in just a year! Hence, to solve this problem, we came up with our COLOP self-inking textile stamp. Here are 5 reasons why you need to get one for your child:

Reason 1: Prevent the loss of clothes (Duh)
Prevent your child from losing his clothes at school! By stamping on his uniforms or shoes in a hidden place, he won't lose his clothes easily as the stamping label will not be washed away!

Reason 2: Prevent the mix up of clothes
School children are around the same size, which means your child might mix up his shirt with someone else's shirt. Hence, with Textile Stamp, you can make a label on the shirt, shoes or even bag so your child can properly identify what's his, saving you the hassle of thinking, "Whose shirt is this?".

Reason 3: Unlimited Use Cases
Besides clothing, you can also stamp on bags, pencil cases or even buku latihan (workbooks)! The textile stamp is so versatile you won't run out of ideas to stamp on things!

Reason 4: Clear impression even to the 50th wash
It is waterproof to the 50th wash, so you do not need to worry about stamping it over and over again! Unlike our usual stamps, the textile stamp allows you to stamp once and has a long-lasting effect.

Reason 5: Certified to be safe on children (Allergy-Free)
The Textile Stamp goes through various tests and is proven to be safe to be used on children's belongings. However, our child-safe tests do not mean that the ink is safe to be consumed. Please keep the ink away from the reach of children.
With these 5 reasons, here's our advice for using Textile Stamp! Once stamped on textiles, you will need to leave the shirt to dry for 24 hours before washing it. You can wash it up to 50 times and the impression will still remain! To label dark coloured clothing, you can stamp the imprint on the white thermal adhesive ribbon, cut out the ribbon and iron it onto the textile or garment. You can also easily reink the textile stamp once the rubber stamp ink dries up, using our special textile ink!

You can design and order your textile stamps easily by clicking the picture below:


Pm price… Is it one size only?

Anny January 20, 2020

I hereby am interested in getting the textile stamp

Kindly please advice me on the price and where can I get the stamp from


Jimmy Ng
012 238 1687

Jimmy Ng December 16, 2019

Pm price

Siti November 20, 2019

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