An Introduction: A E Gel Stamp and How to Refill It

Gel stamp is a type of pre-inked stamp that is made from a gel system where it creates high quality impressions due to it's oil based ink. Before the invention of flash stamps, the traditional way of making pre-inked stamp is using gel system. After the invention of flash stamp, stamp makers opted to use flash stamp which is way easier and takes a shorter time to develop the stamp.
In comparison to flash stamp, gel stamp is known to provide a higher quality impression even up to 4pt and dries on glossy paper almost instantly! Let's not forget that it is also waterproof!
Additionally, gel stamp comes with a pre-set ink colour as the whole piece of stamp is made of gel with tiny microporous cavities to hold the ink. This produces an imprint with the richest colour and cleanest edgefor a perfect impression with each stamping. Therefore, changing the ink colour is almost impossible.
It is crucial that users use the right ink when refilling any rubber stamp's ink, as using the wrong ink can permenantly damage the stamps. Hence, the process of refilling gel stamp is as below:


Step 1: Use 3M Scotch Tape for cleaning and to ensure that the surface of the stamp is clean and clear of dust or particles.


Step 2: Squeeze AE Gel Refill Ink over raised letters and let it sit overnight covered. Remove any excess ink by stamping on draft papers before usage.  
With these 2 steps, you have properly maintained your A E Gel Stamp. For the full video tutorial on how to refill your AE Gel Stamp, click here!
You can learn more about A E Gel Stamp Here:

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