Common Mistakes In Using Rubber Stamps & How To Avoid It

It is totally normal when you are making mistakes especially when it comes to the things that you are not familiar with. In simpler words, you are new with it. There's a learning curve that you need to catch up and get used to. However, using rubber stamps for the first time is quite easy but you should always expect that there will be some mistakes. If you want to know what are the 'common mistakes' in rubber stamping, read till the end.

  1. Your images are not the same like the image on the stamp

This is very common as soon as the stamp maker finished stamping the image, but unfortunately, the image turned out to be not equivalent to the rubber stamp packaging. A possible reason why this happened is because these images have been colored by professional artists. They choose the attractive designs in selling it. What you can do to solve it is by experimenting with different coloring techniques. By doing this, you will find what is the best for it.

  1. Images are blotchy or uneven

Stamping on a piece of a quality would be such a waste if you are not stamping it the right way. The image turns out to be blotchy or uneven probably because there's some defects in the designs of the rubber stamp or the ink pad itselves. Other than that, pressure has been applied unevenly or there's too much ink applied to the stamp.


The only way you can avoid it is by standing up when you want to stamp an image. It will help you to apply even pressure. For large stamps, try placing the stamp on a flat and even surface with the ink facing side up. Carefully placing the paper onto this before rubbing with your hand or a brayer. Ensure that the ink is applied evenly.

  1. Out of the right stamps for a project

If you are a beginner, you might often feel that stamps are always needed for every occasion in many projects. Yet, you are having difficulties in choosing the right stamp for any projects. In order to solve what bothers your mind, you can buy stamps that are the most suitable to your objective. For instance, for wedding invitation cards, you might want to use wax seals rather than the usual rubber stamps as it has such elegant design that surely would make your day better.

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