Tips 101: Storing Your Stamps And Keeping It Pristine All The Time


How To Clean & Store Your Rubber Stamps – RubberHedgehog Rubber Stamps

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Did you know that it is quite vital to store your stamp properly? It will definitely make the stamps last longer. There are some other times when you get too overwhelmed with your new stamps and couldn't careless on the storing tricks. Every arts enthusiasts out there should aware of this thing and prepare a proper space for your tiny stamps to be stored into.

The easiest way for it to long-last can be seen on the way you store the stamps. The question is... why would you like to bother on how to keep it? Well, the explanation has been revealed earlier!


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1) Store in an upright position

Do not stack too many stamps on top of each other. This is due to the weight of the stamps that can damage the bottom part of the pile. Plus, the uneven edges will also broken the details piece of the stamps. You should also ensure keeping it at room temperature also can help a lot.


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2) Keep away from direct sunlight

This is the most essential part, keep the rubber stamp away from direct sunlight. Why is it so? The heat from the sunlight can tear the elasticity of the rubber stamp thus resulting in unreliable stamping outcome. Ironically, the rubber will get dry and make it even harder and more brittle than it used to be. The worst part is it will also decolorized the rubber! Oh no!


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3) Stay away from dust and dirt

For better results, you are recommended to use a plastic wrap and put inside a box to cover every part of the stamps. By doing so, dirt would not easily access the stamp. As easy as an ABC, right? You would definitely caught off guard seeing the stamp looking like a brand new stamp!


So, how do you store your stamps? Mind to share with us in the comment section below!


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