Tips 101: Storing Your Stamps And Keeping It Pristine All The Time

Did you know that it is quite vital to store your stamp properly to make the stamps last longer? Often time people couldn't care less on the storage of their rubber stamps after using it. Some might just tuck it in their desk drawers, or leave it on their desk or in their car unattended until they need to use the rubber stamp again. However, by doing so, it is actually shortening the lifespan of your rubber stamps! 

Let's dive into this blog post to learn the proper ways of storing your stamps and to keep it pristine all the time~ 

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1) Store it in an upright position

Do not stack too many rubber stamps on top of each other as the weight of the stamps can damage the bottom part of the pile. In addition, the uneven edges of the rubber stamp might also break or damage the details on the stamps imprint. Try not to store your pre-ink or self inking stamps flat / lying down as the ink might gather to one end of the stamp, which leads to an uneven impression. It's always best to store your stamps in an upright position.


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2) Keep away from direct sunlight

The most essential part of caring for your rubber stamps is to keep the rubber stamp away from direct sunlight. Why is it so? The heat from the sun can weaken the elasticity of the rubber stamp thus resulting in a dry, cracked, brittle, and damaged textplate with an undesired imprint outcome. The worst part is it will also decolorized the rubber and make it unsaveable for the next use! Oh no!

How To Clean & Store Your Rubber Stamps – RubberHedgehog Rubber Stamps

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3) Store away from dust and dirt

Improper storage of your stamps will result in the stamps being covered in dust and dirt. These small dust particles will stick to the rubber surface and affect the impression outcome details. It will also be an extra workload to clean the rubber stamp textplate surface from the dust and dirt before every use. Therefore, it is recommended to  prepare a proper space for your rubber stamps to be stored into. For better results, you can store the stamps inside a covered box or a compartment to keep them away from dust and dirt. 

That's it! By following these storing tips, your rubber stamps will be looking like brand new at all time~ So, how do you store your stamps? Share with us in the comment section below!

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