The Ultimate Reasons Why Teachers Need To Have This 5-in-1 Teacher Stamp!

Did you know that marking schoolwork is a teacher's key driver of work stress? The constant need to write your remarks on your student's homework is indeed a dreadful and time consuming process. But worry not, we have just the right solution to solve this issue! 

Let's unveil the ultimate reasons to why teachers need to have this 5-in-1 Teacher Stamp to make their markings easier~


1) 5 Imprints in 1 Stamp!

Gone were the days where teachers need to stock up on multiple single remark stamps and even prepare a separate casing to store the stamps. With the new 5 in 1 Teacher Stamps, you can get 5 different imprints all in 1 stamp! From 4 different models to choose from (with their own unique remarks and ink color), you can pick the model that suits your marking style best. 

2) Stackable and Convenient

The 5-in-1 Teacher Stamps comes in a 'stack tower' form which makes it extra convenient. This stackable feature helps to take up less space on your desk and you can easily switch between different remarks while marking students homework. Bid goodbye to cluttered desks and bulky single teacher remark stamps with this awesome 5-in-1 Teacher Stamp. 

3) Compact and Portable

Besides being stackable, this new teacher stamp is lightweight, compact and portable. With the stamp dimension of 47mm x 73mm, the 5-in-1 Teacher Stamp can easily fit into your existing pencil case without the need to store them in a separate bag. Conveniently bring these cute remark stamps to class and enhance your marking experience! 

With that being said, these are the ultimate reasons why teachers need to have the 5-in-1 Teacher Stamps to make their marking more efficient. What are you waiting for? Experience the magic of the 5-in-1 Teacher Stamp here:

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