3 Ways To Make Your Loved One Content On Hari Raya!

Yay! Raya is just around the corner! I'm sure you are busy preparing for Raya, right? So am I! Preparing for Raya would be lethargic but surely it is fun when you celebrate it with your families and friends. Some common activities that people would do in celebrating Raya are visiting neighbors, family members, and friends.

Celebrating Raya during this COVID-19 outbreak might feel a little bit different than before but that shouldn't stop you from having fun during this festive month!

If you're planning to visit someone and have no idea what to give them, here are some gifts that you can consider giving them:

1) Raya Cookies


'Biskut Raya'  is one of the main dishes that you should have in leaving a remarkable Hari Raya. Believe it or not, that's what makes Hari Raya more meaningful and exciting for everyone! People would say, it doesn't feel like Raya if you don't have Biskut Raya with you. Do you agree with this statement?

We all love cookies and celebrating Hari Raya with all these Raya Cookies would surely be more cheerful!



2) Raya Sticker

Hari Raya only comes once every year, so why not make it more memorable by putting some exclusive Raya stickers in celebrating your special Raya!


What is so special about these Raya stickers?

  •         Versatile sticker, which means you can stick this sticker anywhere you prefer such as on boxes, papers, containers, glasses, and any other objects.
  •         Pocket-size stickers- you can bring these cute stickers wherever you go in your pocket.
  •         Ready-Made design- you don't have to worry or think about what kind of design that you want as it's ready for you!


Click on this link to see the detailed designs of the Raya Stickers.



3) Raya Stamp Set

Want to make your gifts extra personal to the receiver? Just put your family name or business name on it! This is possible with our Raya Stamp Set! All you have to do is stamp on the gift packaging or Raya card and you are good to give them!

Raya Stamp Set includes:

- Raya Stamp (from 2 designs to choose from)

- Make 1 Stamp Pad (Fir Forest)

Raya Stamp Design 1.


Raya Stamp Design 2.

What makes this stamp set special? Well, you can customize your name or your business' name on the stamp to make it extra personal and memorable to the receiver!

 What are you waiting for? Get these Exclusive Raya Stamps and Stickers while stock lasts!

Stickers:  https://aestamp.com.my/collections/promotions/products/ready-made-raya-stickers

Stamp: https://aestamp.com.my/collections/promotions/products/raya-stamp-set


If you have any suggestions on what to give to your loved ones, don't be shy to share your thoughts okay!

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri in advance!

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